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Requests for Proposals

Any open Requests For Proposals (RFP) for services will be listed on this page. 

Please note that searches for investment managers are handled by SamCERA’s investment consulting firm. 


Request for Proposal: Financial Education Provider

SamCERA has issued a Request for Proposal for a financial education provider. The provider shall develop a course of instruction, qualified instructors and supporting course materials to provide SamCERA members with financial education on various topics to assist them in their retirement planning. Examples of topic areas are: retirement planning and saving, money management, investing, estate planning and working with financial professionals.


Request for Proposal: General Investment Consultant

SamCERA has issued a Request for Proposal for a general investment consultant.  The requested services include, but are not limited to: investment objectives and asset allocation, management structures, performance measurement and analytics, manager search and evaluation, risk management and analysis, and other operational needs.