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About Inactive Members


Inactive Members

Welcome to SamCERA’s inactive member portal. Depending upon your years of service credit, there are a number of options available to inactive members. 

Who is an inactive member?

Inactive members are those members who meet all three of the following conditions:

  1. left active service with a SamCERA employer;
  2. left your contributions on deposit with SamCERA; and
  3. have not yet retired from SamCERA.

Who is a deferred member?

Some inactive members are categorized as “deferred members.” Deferred members are also called vested members. 

Deferred members of SamCERA have at least five years of SamCERA service credit, or a combination of SamCERA service credit and service credit from a reciprocal system (received either before or after your active SamCERA membership). Plan 3 members need ten years of years of service credit or a combination of SamCERA and reciprocal service credit to become vested.

As a deferred member, you have earned a lifetime monthly SamCERA benefit even if you left your employment before you were eligible to retire. You may receive your retirement allowance when you are eligible and ready to apply for retirement.

Retirement Eligibility for Inactive Members

To find out about your eligibility for retirement, read the section in the Guide to Your SamCERA Benefits entitled “Are you eligible to retire?” To confirm your SamCERA service credit and salary information, you can use MySamCERA

Retirement Planning for Inactive Members

If you are interested in retiring, visit the inactive member Retirement Planning page

Withdrawals and Rollover Options for Inactive Members

If you are considering withdrawing or rolling-over your funds, visit the Withdrawals and Rollovers page

For additional Information About Your Options

Please read SamCERA’s Leaving Employment guide for more detailed information.



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