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If you have worked or are planning to work for another public agency in California, you may be eligible for reciprocity. SamCERA has reciprocal benefits with most, but not all, California public retirement systems. 


More About Reciprocity

Reciprocity allows members who transfer from one retirement system to another to maintain earned retirement benefits; allowing members to link service credit and highest average compensation between reciprocal systems. Establishing reciprocity may enhance total retirement benefits, and in some situations, reduce contribution costs as well.

With reciprocity, membership is retained in the first system and also established in the second system (and any subsequent systems). You’ll then be a member of each retirement system.

Reciprocity Works Both Ways

Reciprocity applies to members entering membership in SamCERA from a reciprocal system. Reciprocity also applies to members leaving a SamCERA employer to enter service with an employer in a reciprocal system.

If you’re entering SamCERA from another system, download the Reciprocity Request Form on the Member Forms page. 

If you’re leaving SamCERA refer to the Leaving Employment page for more information.

Retire From All Systems on the Same Date

If you’re getting ready to retire, you must retire from all systems on the same date. Here are some additional requirements:

  • Submit a separate retirement application for each system.
  • Tell each system you have reciprocity, and let them know your effective retirement date.
  • If you are applying for a disability retirement, let each system know. 

Learn More

You can learn more about reciprocity by reading the Reciprocity Guide