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Change of Beneficiary


Change of Beneficiary

A beneficiary is the person that you designate to receive certain benefits after your death. You can have multiple beneficiaries.

Because your beneficiaries may be eligible for death and/or survivor benefits, it’s important to keep your designation updated before and after your retirement. 


More About Changing Your Beneficiary

Active and Inactive Members 

There may be certain death benefits available if you should die as an active member. During your employment, it is important to keep your beneficiary designation current to reflect changes in your personal life (e.g. marriage, divorce, children, etc.) As an active or inactive member, you may change your beneficiary designation until the date that you retire.

As you approach retirement, read the Guide to Your SamCERA Benefits section on “Beneficiaries and Retirement Payment Options.” This section also includes information on retiree death benefits. 

You can download the Beneficiary Designation Form on the Member Forms page. 

At retirement, you will make a financial decision regarding the benefit you would leave to your beneficiaries (this is called a “survivor benefit”). You will complete a new beneficiary form and the survivor benefits will be paid in accordance with what retirement option you elect.

Retired Members

Retirees may only change certain beneficiary designations for those persons who are to receive a lump sum payment. 

You can download the Beneficiary Designation Form on the Member Forms page. 

Additional Information

Beneficiary designations can be affected by dissolution of marriage or termination of registered domestic partnership. If you are either a member or a former spouse of a member, please refer to the “Divorce and Your Benefit Guide” for more information regarding beneficiary selections.