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About SamCERA


About SamCERA

The San Mateo County Employees’ Retirement Association (SamCERA) is a defined benefit pension plan providing retirement, disability and death benefits for its eligible members and beneficiaries. SamCERA is an independent government entity, separate from the County of San Mateo.

SamCERA was founded in 1944 by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors. Today, the association administers benefits for all permanent employees of the County of San Mateo, the San Mateo County Superior Court, and the San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District. 

SamCERA operates under authority granted by the County Employees Retirement Law of 1937, also known as the ‘37 Act. In addition, SamCERA is governed by the California Constitution, the California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA), and the regulations, procedures and policies adopted by the SamCERA Board of Retirement. The Board of Supervisors may also adopt resolutions and ordinances which may affect the benefits of certain groups of SamCERA members. 


SamCERA exists to serve as a loyal fiduciary for its members and as a prudent administrator of the retirement system.


Provide caring, fair, accurate, timely and knowledgeable professional services and information to members and other stakeholders.

Prudently manage the assets in order to appropriately fund the actuarial liabilities of the retirement system, to ensure the ability to pay all earned benefits while minimizing the costs to employers.

Constantly improve the effectiveness of SamCERA’s services and the efficiency of its operations.