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2016 Board of Retirement Election Results
The results are in from SamCERA’s June 2016 Board of Retirement election. Congratulations to Natalie Kwan Lloyd, Paul Hackleman, and Alma Salas.


General Member Seat

Natalie Kwan Lloyd has been reelected to the Third Member General seat. Ms. Kwan Lloyd received more votes than Al David and David Perron.

Retired Member Seats

The two retiree seats on the Board were also up for election this year. Both incumbents ran unopposed and were deemed elected. Paul Hackleman will thus return to the Eighth Member Retiree seat, and Alma Salas will return to the Retiree Alternate seat.

Newly Elected Board Member Profiles

  • Natalie Kwan Lloyd is a Senior Appraiser in the San Mateo County Assessor’s Office. She originally joined the Board in July 2008, and was previously reelected in June 2013. She has also served as Board Chair. 
  • Paul Hackleman served as the County Benefits Manager from 1982 through March 2008. He originally served on the Retirement Board while actively employed, from June 2005 through March 2008. He was elected as a retiree in 2010, and reelected in 2013. He has recently served as Board Chair. 
  • Alma Salas was a Probation Services Manager with the San Mateo County Probation Department before her retirement in May 2013. She first joined the Board in May of 2001, and served as Board Chair during the 2004-05 fiscal year. She was elected in June 2013 to serve as the Retiree Alternate.

Additional Information

The terms of office for the newly elected board members commence July 1, 2016, and will expire on June 30, 2019. The next scheduled SamCERA Board of Retirement election will be in 2018, when the Second Member General seat, the Seventh Member Safety seat, and the Safety Alternate seat will be up for election.