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How to Achieve Your Financial Goals


Course Information

Location: 455 County Center, Room 101 – Redwood City

Discover the elements of effective goal setting and establish a plan to achieve them.  Learn tips on how to manage multiple goals, invest appropriately and the effect inflation can have on those savings and investments.


  • Utilize steps to turn goals into reality successfully
  • Set effective SMART goals
  • Establish a step-by-step plan of action
  • Learn to develop a savings plan for each goal
  • Evaluate the impact of inflation on savings and investments
  • Generate additional cash flow for accelerated goal achievement
  • Learn about appropriate investments for each goal
  • Develop habits and systems that perpetuate success
  • Discover tips for successful goal management

Instructor Bio:

Andrea Roland, CFP® has been in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years.