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Investing 101


Course Information

Location: 455 County Center – Room 101, Redwood City, CA 94063

Gain a basic level of knowledge on investments and investing strategies, enabling them to build and better manage an investment portfolio.


  • Investigate the basics of cash, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds
  • Identify bond investments based on six important elements
  • Analyze ratings to identify the risk and return potential of various bonds
  • Describe the relationship between bond values and interest rates
  • Discuss crucial factors that affect stock prices
  • Inspect mutual fund fees and expenses
  • Interpret characteristics of exchange traded funds
  • Evaluate levels of risk and return for various investments
  • Compare which types of investments match your objectives
  • Practice how to allocate, diversify, and rebalance assets in an investment portfolio
  • List essential investing guidelines

Instructor Bio:

Louise Wen, CFP® has always had a passion for helping others understand complex financial topics. Before joining Financial Knowledge in 2014, she helped clients improve their finances through financial literacy classes as well as private coaching at non-profits and community organizations.

How to Register:

County Employees: Register on LMS via OKTA. This class can count toward your annual 20-hour training target!

Court, Mosquito District & Library Employees: Register on LMS here. If you do not have access or experience any issues, email with the name and date of the class that you would like to attend.