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Money Management


Course Information

Location: 455 County Center, Room 101 – Redwood City

Participants will learn how to make better spending decisions, get out of debt, build and maintain a good credit record and stay on track with their financial goals.


  • Construct and prioritize a set of realistic financial goals
  • Utilize a spending plan to forecast and track monthly expenditures
  • Avoid common spending traps that hinder successful goal achievement
  • Uncover easy and creative ways to save
  • Understand the importance of establishing an emergency fund
  • Learn how to whittle down credit card and other debt quickly
  • Discover how to stay out of debt and develop wise credit habits
  • Identify important credit card terms used in disclosure statements and agreements
  • Review current credit reporting laws
  • Assess the meaning of credit scores and how they are compiled
  • Learn how to correct mistakes on your credit report

Instructor Bio:

Louise Wen, CFP® has always had a passion for helping others understand complex financial topics. Before joining Financial Knowledge in 2014, she helped clients improve their finances through financial literacy classes as well as private coaching at non-profits and community organizations.