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Retirement Planning for All Ages


Course Information

Location: 455 County Center, Room 101 – Redwood City

Working professionals at any stage in their career can get better-prepared for retirement with this class. Participants will be able to assess their current financial situation, estimate their retirement needs, and create an investment strategy for meeting those needs.


  • Plan more effectively for the impact of inflation
  • Estimate the amount of annual income needed in retirement & determine if you are on-track financially for retirement
  • Compare the different types of IRAs
  • Explain important portfolio management strategies for retirees
  • Review tax implications of distributions from employer retirement accounts

Instructor Bio:

Louise Wen, CFP® has always had a passion for helping others understand complex financial topics. Before joining Financial Knowledge in 2014, she helped clients improve their finances through financial literacy classes as well as private coaching at non-profits and community organizations.