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Understanding the New 2018 Tax Plan (Online)


Course Information

Location: Online Webinar

Paying taxes can be stressful, especially while facing life events such as buying a home, having children, making investment decisions and retiring. This online course will help you gain an understanding of how the provisions of the new law will affect you so that you can plan ahead for filing your 2018 return.


  • Figure taxes using both regular and AMT (alternative minimum tax) calculations
  • Navigate clearly through the estimated tax rules
  • Define the contribution and “catch-up” limits for your employer retirement plan
  • Learn how to minimize taxes through pre-tax, tax deferred, and tax free investments
  • Identify IRS audit triggers and how to avoid them

Instructor Bio:

Andrea Roland, CFP® has been in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years. Originally from New Zealand, her world experiences and zest for life make for an engaging and entertaining class experience.