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Board of Retirement Investment Information
2020 April Board Meeting


At its meeting on April 28, 2020, the Board of Retirement approved an initial investment of 4% of plan assets (or approximately $180 million) in the NISA Core Bond strategy to be placed in the Diversifying risk category (Fixed Income asset class composite) within the Core Fixed Income portfolio.

The Board of Retirement approved changes to the international equity manager structure, including the removal of SamCERA’s dedicated emerging markets allocation, changing SamCERA’s current passive MSCI EAFE mandate to a MSCI ACWI ex-US IMI mandate, and repositioning the proceeds from the dedicated emerging markets allocation so that the allocation across Baillie Gifford, Mondrian and BlackRock are similar.

The Board also approved a full redemption from the AQR Delta XN fund.

No further board action was taken related to SamCERA’s investment commitments or hires.

More information on SamCERA’s commitments may be available in SamCERA’s Board of Retirement meeting minutes. Minutes for a given Board meeting are usually approved at the next regular meeting and will be posted shortly thereafter.