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More About Disability Retirement


Permanent Incapacity

If you become permanently incapacitated and are unable to perform your usual job duties, you may be eligible for a Disability Retirement. 

  • ‚ÄúPermanently incapacitated‚ÄĚ means you are physically or mentally incapacitated from substantially performing the usual duties of your job. It is not necessary for you to be physically or mentally incapable of performing each and every duty or task within your job classification.
  • Your incapacity is permanent if improvement in your condition cannot be reasonably anticipated under usual medical standards, and there is no available accommodation that allows you to perform your duties in an alternative manner within your medical restrictions.
  • If you are terminally ill, you or your authorized legal representative should contact SamCERA immediately at (650) 599-1234.  

Are there options available so that you can continue working?

Before you apply for a disability retirement, talk to your supervisor or human resources department to explore available options so that you can continue working.