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Benefits Estimator


Benefits Estimator

Before using the benefits estimator below, read more about getting a retirement estimate.

Getting a Retirement Estimate

The most accurate way to estimate your future retirement pension benefits is to use the Benefit Estimator inside MySamCERA. (You can also access MySamCERA from any page on SamCERA’s website by clicking on the blue button at the top of the screen that says “MySamCERA.”)

MySamCERA is a secure site that will help you plan for retirement safely and reliably. The first time you login, it will take a few minutes for you to answer security questions and create an account. 

Getting a Quick Ballpark Estimate

If you are not nearing retirement and you just want to get a quick idea of your future pension benefits, you can simply use the Benefits Estimator below. 

If you are close to retirement, SamCERA recommends you use  MySamCERA to get a more accurate retirement estimate.

Before Using The Benefits Estimator Below

The benefit estimate provided does not constitute a guarantee of plan coverage or benefit amount. The benefit shown may differ from the benefit you receive at retirement as a result of events not accounted for in this calculation. Also, particular rules and eligibility requirements must be met before benefits can be received.

The estimate shows your projected retirement allowance based on the information you entered and is for an “Unmodified Benefit” only—the calculator will not provide an estimate for Retirement Payment Options 1 through 4. The calculator does not provide estimates for reinstatement from retirement or any disability retirement.

This estimate does not take into consideration annual pension benefit limitations associated with federal law. Additionally, depending on your date of hire, federal law limits the amount of compensation that may be used to calculate your benefits. Refer to the Tax Information page for more.

Important Notice: The benefits calculator is not an official SamCERA estimate and SamCERA is not bound by the results.

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General Members
Safety and Probation Members

Plan 7 Members: while the estimator caps the amount of compensation that can be used to estimate your benefit, the amount of the cap may not be accurate as it changes annually.